2: perspectives and advice

This section centers around advice for prospective workers and workers from other workers. Whether you’re looking for your first job, or moving on to your sixth, I hope you can learn something new, reflect on the perspectives of others, or share your own experiences.

This section is broken up into three subpages:

The first explores work. Now that we’ve seen what people thought was wrong with work, we now explore what people wish they knew before they started working, from complaints about the workplace to advice about how to navigate the career space.

Then we move on to explore the job search process. This section includes what people thought was hard about the job search to advice for the job search. This subsection aims to provide some thought-provoking advice for how to navigate the job search process.

The last subsection explores what people think is important in regards to work life balance, and how they have created habits and systems to support that balance.